Our e-bikes are ready to make you feel like a superhero out on the trails.

Our premium selection of e-bikes from Specialized includes both e-mountain and e-bikes for the Whistler Valley. These electric bikes have a smooth and silent power assist system to help you up those climbs so you can enjoy more of the descents.

Our e-bikes from Specialized ride just like the conventional bike you are used to, but only faster. If you are looking to explore the mountain bike trails then the Specialized Turbo is your ticket and if you are looking to explore more of the Valley trail then the Specialized Como will take you there with ease. These bikes are a tonne of fun and you really have to experience them.


All our eBike rentals are designated as “Class 1 eBikes”, and are subject to usage restrictions in Whistler.  Currently, eBikes are NOT allowed in the following areas and all our tours strictly respect these regulations:

  • Mount Sproatt and Rainbow Mountain alpine trails (anything above Flank: Lord of the Squirrels, Into the Mystic, With a Twist, On the Rocks, Happy Hour, Pot of Gold, LESS & Don’t Look Back). This restriction supports environmental considerations, user safety and grizzly bear management in the alpine terrain.
  • Emerald Forest Conservation Area, except for the access road connecting Lorimer & Alta Lake roads
  • Any hiking-only trails (as per normal bicycles)


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