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2020 Mountain Biking Event Calendar

Here’s our master list of 2020 Mountain Bike Events in our region. Thinking about racing this season? This is your list to find the best event for you this season. We’ll update the list as more local events are announced.


Start DateEnd DateDescriptionCategoryAreaProvinceCountry
March 1stMarch 8thCrankworx RotoruaAllRotoruaLake RotoruaNZ
March 22nd March 22ndFrost BikeDHVernonBCCanada
March 28thMarch 28thBear Mountain XC Canada CupXCVictoriaBCCanada
March 28thMarch 29thEWS#1 ManizalesEnduroManizalesCentral ColombiaColombia


Start DateEnd DateDescriptionCategoryAreaProvinceCountry
April 4thApril 5thEWS #2 Lo BarnecheaEnduroSantiagoSantiago Met.Chile
April 25thApril 25thNorth Slope EnduroEnduroOlympiaWAUSA
April 25thApril 25thPemberton EnduroEnduroPembertonBCCanada


Start DateEnd DateDescriptionCategoryAreaProvinceCountry
May 2ndMay 2ndSunshine Coaster BC CupXCSecheltBCCanada
May 3rdMay 3rdCoast Gravity BC CupDHSunshine CoastBCCanada
May 9thMay 10thBC enduro series Fraser Valley EWS qualifierEnduroFraser Valley BCCanada
May 11thMay 11thSpud Crusher EnduroEnduroPembertonBCCanada
May 16thMay 16thPost Canyon EnduroEnduroHood RiverORUSA
May 17thMay 17thJunk Yard Dog XCO BC Cup XCS.Surrey Athletics ParkBCCanada
May 23stMay 24stEWS #3 Montagnes Du CarouxEnduroOlarguesBeziersFrance


Start DateEnd DateDescriptionCategoryAreaProvinceCountry
June 6thJune 6thBellingham EnduroEnduroBellinghamWAUSA
June 13thJune 13thThe GryphonEnduroSquamishBCCanada
June 13thJune 13thNorth American Enduro Cup. EnduroKelloggIDUSA
June 10thJune 14thCrankworx InnsbruckAllInnsbruckTyrolAustria
June 14thJune 14thPanorama BC cup/ Canada Cup DHDHPanoramaBCCanada
June 20thJune 21stSpakwus 50Marathon XCSquamishBCCanada
June 20thJune 20thWhistler Canada Cup XCXCWhistlerBCCanada
June 21stJune 21stWhistler DH BC Cup Provincial Championships DHWhistlerBCCanada
June 20thJune 21stESW NA series Sun PeaksEnduroSun PeaksBCCanada
June 29thJuly 4thTrans BC enduroEnduroKootenaysBCCanada


Start DateEnd DateDescriptionCategoryAreaProvinceCountry
July 2ndJuly 10thBC Bike RaceMarathon XCVancouverBCCanada
July 4thJuly 4thEWS#4 VAl di FassaEnduroVal di FassaTrentinoItaly
July 4thJuly 5thEWS NA series Sea OtterEnduroSea OtterONCanada
July 5thJuly 5thSun Peaks BC Cup DHDHSunpeaksBCCanada
July 11thJuly 12thEWS#5 Jamnica/PetzenEnduroPetzen/JamnicaAustria/Slovenia
July 11thJuly 11thEWS NA qualifier BromontEnduroBRomontQCCanada
July 11thJuly 12thEWS NA qualifier Crowsnest pass EnduroCrowsnest PassABCanada
July 12thJuly 12thSilver Star BC cup/Canada Cup DHDHSilverstarBCCanada
July 18thJuly 18thYacolt Burn EnduroEnduroYacoltWAUSA
July 19thJuly 19thFernie BC Cup DH/Canada CupEnduroFernieBCCanada
July 18thJuly 19thPanorama Electric EnduroE-EnduroPanoramaBCCanada
July 21stJuly 21stPanorama BC OpenDHPanorama BCCanada
July 25July 26Silverstar Electric EnduroE-EnduroSilverstarBCCanada
July 26thJuly 26thCanadian MTB DH championships DHKicking HorseBCCanada


Start DateEnd DateDescriptionCategoryAreaProvinceCountry
Aug 1stAug 2thEWS BurkeenduroBurkeVermontUSA
Aug 5thAug 16thCrankworx WhistlerAllWhistlerBCCanada
Aug 8thAug 9thEWS#7 WhistlerEnduroWhistlerBCCanada
Aug 10thAug 10thHot On Your Heels EnduroBig WhiteBCCanada
Aug 27thAug 27thChuckanut EnduroEnduroBellinghamWAUSA
Aug 15th Aug 15thNorth Mountain EnduroEnduroDarringtonWAUSA
Aug 23rdAug 23rd Big White BC CupDHBig WhiteBCCanada
Aug 30thAug 30thEWS#8 ZermattEnduroZermattVispSwitzerland
Aug 30thAug 30thSteve Smith Memorial DH – BC Cup DHMt. WashingtonBCCanada


Start DateEnd DateDescriptionCategoryAreaProvinceCountry
Sept 25thSept 30thTrans CascadiaXCCascadiaORUSA

Local 2020 Mountain Bike Events TBC

Start DateEnd DateDescriptionCategoryAreaProvinceCountry
TBC TBCWORCA’s Westside Wheel up – WhistlerXC WhistlerBCCanada
June 6thJune 6thThe Back 40 XCWhistlerBCCanada
Every ThursongoingWORCA TOONIESAllWhistlerBCCanada
Every TuesongoingPORCA TOONIESAllPembertonBCCanada
Every WedongoingSORCA TOONIESAllSquamishBCCanada
Trish Bromley riding Yummy Numby Trail

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