laura on wood work Whistler

Laura Aliperti


Laura is a Brazilian import born and raised in the concrete jungle of Sao Paulo. She grew up around her family’s bike shop, and spending weekends travelling with her parents and hanging out in bike races all over Brazil. With dreams of travelling the world and learning a global language, her initial plan was to come to Canada for a year and learn how to speak english fluently. That was six years ago.  Forests are her happy place, and while studying Marketing at Camosun College, she caught herself in one of them saying “Man, I wish my homework was riding trails with my bike”. After finishing her Marketing Diploma she knew Whistler was the place for her and to continue traveling to other places when she had time off. A certified bike guide and instructor with her IDP 2, Laura’s homework is now mountain biking. She’s is living the Whistler dream and really happy to share those experiences with whoever crosses her path. If she’s not in the shop, you’ll be sure to find her at the bike park or riding trails somewhere around the valley.

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Giving back to our beloved Trails.

Through the dedicated efforts of our local cycling associations and passionate trail builders we have the best mountain bike trails in the world. These trails are our playground and a significant economic driver for our whole community. We created 2% for the Trails to​ help​ put more resources back into our trails.

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