Eduardo Quiroz

My name is Eduardo but people call me Eddy. I’m originally from Chile and now loving my time here in Whistler. I’ve been part of the MTB community for more than 18 years now, I used to race downhill for more than 12 years in Chile.  I decided to stop racing to focus on University, but after I finished my course I realized I want to keep enjoying my passion. What I love most is riding my bike!
At the same time I’ve now been working as a bike mechanic for about 8 years. After University I decided to go to Australia to learn English and get more international experience in bike shops. Since then I have spent the last 4 years working in one of the best bike shops in the world, and that experience has been great, it’s truly been incredible!
I have been part of not only one the best MTB shops in the world, but I’m lucky enough to experience one of the best MTB communities in the world. My dream is do something for people, sharing something that I love and people will enjoy at the same time. Today I’m pushing for my dreams to come true, and part of this, is being part of Arbutus Routes.