Will Leverton

Hailing from Nottinghamshire, an area of England not so well renowned for mountain biking Will is a keen mountain biker. In his early teens Will had an epiphany on a family holiday, it became apparent that the French alps posed a considerably better opportunity to ride mountain bikes in their true form. One summer in Morzine quickly became five at which point the time had come to move on to Whistler to fulfil the ‘Canadian Dream’
With many years of working in the biking industry and hospitality, Will fit in right away at Arbutus. If you can’t find him in the workshop, he’s probably getting sideways in the bike park or exploring the plethora of single-track Whistler has to offer. Will is always happy to help with any mechanical queries or just chat about bikes. Alongside his mechanical knowledge, Will is a certified coach with the PMBI Level 1 & 2 and will be found guiding around the Whistler valley, sharing his passion for the sport.