The Mountains are my Church

Do you go to Church every Sunday? I sure don’t, but I do love to escape into the mountains as much as possible. We often hear that “The Mountains are my Church”. Is it too Cliché? Sure, but at the same time it is incredibly accurate, especially for those that have chosen mountain towns to settle.

We all have challenges that come up in our daily lives that include work, family and relationships. From my experience that escape into the mountains is a powerful way for us to unwind and recharge. When we do finally get out there, it gives more time to reflect and maybe appreciate it even more. My most recent escape took me into the Chilcotin Mountains with two great friends for a few days of riding. We were dropped off by Tyax Adventures for a true escape that was so needed.

There is a specific scene that is engrained in my mind that really accelerates this reflection, on this most recent adventure I was lucky enough to enjoy it again.

That place where my mind can truly slow down comes at a spot lakeside, where the full reflection of the mountains bounces off the surface of the lake, the call of the loons is echoing across the valley and a hot mug of coffee is tightly in my grasp.

Spruce Lake, A welcome sight after a long day in the saddle.

I find stopping for photos on these adventures to be a challenge, as we all want to keep going. When you do take the time and capture a few of the moments, it gives you an avenue to circle back to the trip when back home as you flip through these photos.

While laughing our way across these alpine ridges we said that these photos would keep that stoke going right into the winter. There is something special about being in the alpine and feeling small. I would say it just feels good.

Thank you mountains for continuing to be my Church. You have left me so fulfilled after our last visit and I look forward to our next one.

Spruce Peak
Trish riding Yummy Numby Trail

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