Your School Teacher was Right – Physics is Important

When your high school teacher told you that physics was important and to pay attention in class, he/she was being honest. While there are thousands of interactions between physics and mountain biking, I feel that none are more jarring and honest than under situations resulting from poor physics-based calculations. See attached evidence.

In the presented evidence, it is immediately obvious that the rider underestimated the forward velocity (speed) required to travel from Point A (take-off) to Point B (landing), thus ending in an unfortunate situation. As illustrated via the professional descriptive overlay (the author is an expert user of MS Paint), the bicycle rider should have avoided the hard wall, thus saving his rear wheel and allowing him to partake in a serious roosting opportunity in the forthcoming berms. Had the bicycle rider done a more complete check of his mathematics and arithmetic, as his teacher always maintained, he would have noted that additional pedal strokes were required to successful traverse from Point A to Point B.

Given the miscalculation, the rider was luckily equipped with a premium strength rear wheel from the DT Swiss company on his Yeti Bicycles company bike allowing him to survive and complete the bicycle ride with help of a newly installed bicycle tube.
Thus ends today’s lesson; your teacher was right, physics is important.

Note: The rider has since improved his calculations out on the trail and is now hitting those transitions with ease. Yes, Physics is important, but in all seriousness a certified mountain bike coach can truly help you progress to the next steps with your riding, which may include hitting jump features like this one.

Trish riding Yummy Numby Trail

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