Maximise your Fall Bike Riding

Defined simply as the season between summer and winter, Fall is often overlooked. In British Columbia our falls can bring a wide range of weather. In the Sea to Sky we’ve seen it all; sun, rain, and snow. But the one consistent is bike riding. Locals love this time of year for fall bike riding, as the trails seem quieter and the dirt richer.  I love this season, rain or shine. The colors are vibrant, the temperature is perfect for riding, and my favorite pastime…night riding.

Stunning colours and views fall riding offers
Stunning colours and views fall bike riding offers

Here are some tips to remember when transitioning from summer bike riding to fall bike riding:

Pack a jacket

Something with some wind, and water protection. If you can find something that combines this with breathability you’re on the right track.

Bring a light

Even if you are not intending on doing a night ride, it’s always good to keep a light in your pack just in case. As the fall continues we are losing the light much sooner each day. Last week you may have been fine at 7 pm, but this week you might be riding out in the dark. A simple headlamp would make the ride out, more enjoyable and safer.

Extra gloves

I find once I’ve climbed up to the trail head my sweaty and/or rain-soaked gloves very quickly become freezing cold, and once my fingers are cold I am an unhappy camper. It’s always nice to have a dry pair of glove. They take up no space at all and will make your descent that much more enjoyable.

Leg and arm warmers

These guys will save you on a cold day. The nice part about this add-on is you can pull them on and off easy. You can start your climb with them on, and then when you heat up enough just pull them down. When you’ve finished your ride pull them right back up again, instant warmth.

Bring friends (especially for night rides)

If you are out there riding this fall, bring a friend. Bike adventures are always more fun with friends. Similarly to bringing a light, bring a friend. If you do get stuck out there in the dark, the walk/ride out is always better and safer with a friend.


A nice, thin tuque is always a nice thing to have to throw on before you start your descent, it’s also nice on the cold cruise home. There is lots of choice out there for a thin, comfy, and breathable tuque to fit nicely under your helmet.

Bundled and lit up and ready to ride!
Bundled and lit up and ready to ride!

Fall bike riding can be one of the best of the year. Trails are mint, friends (seasonal workers 😉 ) have more time off, trails have fewer riders, and did I mention the trails are wicked!! So go out there and see what I’m talking about, I’m sure you won’t regret it. And if you’re in need of any extra supplies make sure to swing by Arbutus Routes at the base of Blackcomb, they’ll sort you out for all your fall needs.

So much lush dirt around!
So much lush dirt around!