Best Sea To Sky Bike Trails After a Storm

Ask any Sea to Sky rider what their favourite ride is after a classic BC rainstorm and you may find some conflicting answers. Here are my top picks for trails that are less rooty, have well built drainage and actually run better when they’re a bit wet.

A small disclaimer: Heading out into the wet may be damaging to some trails so be sure to check out TrailForks for updates, local club pages (SORCA, WORCA & PORCA) or seek advice from one of the Arbutus guides before setting out for adventure.



Just want to get out for a pedal? – Pseudo Tsuga – It’s a classic Squamish link up with flow and playful features. In the past year or so it’s been re-worked and slightly reshaped for a maximum fun-factor. Rarely does a rider come railing out of this trail without a big grin plastered to his or her face.

Pseudo-Tsuga – Part 1 on

Feeling Spicy? – Angry Midget – This trail has seen some significant trail work in the past year. Although this trail is more technical with the standard Sea to Sky assortment of roots and steeps it is so soundly built that even a bit of rain keeps riders coming back for a second lap.

Angry Midget on


Just want to get out for a pedal? – Lost Lake – You can’t ride in Whistler without a warm up on this magical little trail network. It’s a mountain bike and trail runner’s playground. It’s playful, suits almost every level rider and no matter how you link up the trails you never end up to far from the lake. This network is built to withstand a large volume of riders and in turn has the sound ability to handle those beautiful summer storms or off-season showers like a champ.

Whistler, BC – Lost Lake Trails – Intermediate Route on

Feeling Spicy? – Duncan’s (It’s Business Time) – One of my favourite trails in Whistler, hands down. This trail thrives with a bit of moisture. It has fantastic rock rolls, punchy climbs and fantastic lookouts over the entire Cheakamus valley.

Duncan’s (It’s Business Time) on


Just want to get out for a pedal? – Mackenzie Cruise Climb up Happy Trail and dip into Lower Mackenzie Cruise – Because Pemberton has more of a sand base to their trail network, the entire valley lights up with opportunity after a fresh storm or in-between seasons. Think powder day but for bikes! This particular link up is short but sweet. Spin your legs then hoot and holler down the fast paced flow of Mackenzie.

Lower Mackenzie Cruise on

Feeling Spicy? – Overnight Sensation – As I mentioned before, you can’t go wrong in the Pemberton network after a fresh storm but Overnight Sensation is a classic ride that involves very few roots, some steeps, a few rock faces and awesome views of Mt. Currie.

Overnight Sensation on

There are so many types of trails in the Sea to Sky area with a variety of soil bases, technical features and difficulty levels. Give these suggestions a go and let me know what you think or better yet, ask our guides for advice, they’re here to help!