Alastair Adams

Operations Manager

Born on the edge of the peak district in the UK, Ali first enjoyed mountain biking in his teenage years around the Derbyshire area with a group of friends not afraid to ride all day and get up to as much mischief as those 1990’s bikes could take. Later in life, after having spent years travelling, his passion for MTB was re-ignited when a cousin who was working out in Greece as a Guide, invited him to come out and work with him, he took up the mantle and hasn’t looked back with guiding full time since 2007 around Europe and Canada.

His passion for the sport grew so did his ambition to deliver great biking experiences. Ali has been involved with the training and development of several bike centres and guides, being responsible for large teams of guides and 9 bike centre’s at its peak around Greece. He has CTC Technical Leader, IDP level 2 and 40hr Wilderness First Aid. Ali also draws on his coaching experience as a CASI lvl 2 Snowboard Instructor and Senior Windsurf instructor. He loves the experiences biking has provided, the people he’s met and the places he’s been lucky enough to live.¬†“I just love sharing with those who join me”.