Kate Whitley

Name: Kate Whitley

Age: 30 years old

Hometown: Ascot, UK

Bike:Yeti SB5 Carbon

Riding since: 8 years.

Discipline – XC, DH, RD and So Enduro!

I have always loved riding my bike; from chasing everyone around the neighbourhood on my training wheels, to rallying around Swinley Forest on my fully rigid Raleigh. This was ignited to a whole new level when I moved to Whistler, worked in GBB at the base of the park and did my first lap of the WB Bike Park – I was hooked and my bank account cleared out for my first full suspension bike, an ex-rental Kona Stinky, and so the addiction started.

Living in Whistler it is easy to spend every free moment riding, with the community of riders, the proximity of trails to my workplace and home, and the late night sundowns in the summer. My ‘training’ isn’t really that; its riding with friends and ‘ride dates’ with my boyfriend. After sitting in an office during the workday, jumping onto 2 wheels I straight away feel like I didn’t even go to work. Being on my bike is freedom.

There are some very talented riders in the area and with the explosion of female riding it is easy to be continually excited and motivated every season. From been able to name pretty much every girl that rode the park and did the WORCA toonies rides, to seeing chair lift after chair lift of girls loving riding and female only races selling out there is always something to train for and someone to ride with.

As my fitness has increased and skills developed my rides have become bigger and I tackle more challenging trails and events. Pushing myself with these challenges can lead to injuries and like all bikers over the years I have had to take time off my mountain bike  (although I swear I have worst then normal balance and am extra accident prone) and as a result more time on my road bike. This time on a different saddle has developed a surprising love for road biking and spandex, and this in turn had increased my fitness and enabled more diversify in my riding.

Looking ahead to the next season I want to continue taking on a range of biking disciplines; training for and racing anything from DH to road again, but this time with a few less crashes…Racing is fun but it’s not the end goal; There are plenty more adventures out there.