Bryson Robertson

Name: Dr. Bryson Robertson. (Correct, that is Dr.)

Age: 33 years old.
Hometown: Victoria, BC
Years Riding: 16 years ? Ever since I moved to beautiful British Columbia !
Favorite Trail: Anything that I haven’t ridden before ! I LOVE riding new trails. Turning an unknown corner on a new trail and seeing a completely epic section of trail is my high. Or riding any well known trail with new people and seeing how they interpret the trail in a completely different way.
If forced to name a trail….. hmmmm… been loving “Maple Syrup” on Maple Mountain in Duncan recently. Or riding up to Grassy Lake above Sooke, fishing for a couple trout, and then bombing epic trails all the way back to town.
Discipline: XE (Xtreme Enduro), XCR (Xtreme Country Riding), or DH. I love riding bikes in the forest, getting away from the city and exploring our incredible backcountry. Hence, road riding is a little lost on me.
I started riding bikes during high school since it seem that was what all the cool kids were doing. After bouncing between Vancouver, Whistler, Pemberton and Squamish for a number of years, I moved back to the island and the mellow laid back scene over here. Between Victoria, Sooke, Duncan, Cowichan and surrounding areas we are completely spoiled for local trails ! And I can ride all year round !
I simply love riding bikes in the forest. I love following small detours, climbing trees and trying new little lines. I love the scary technical rides, the long endurance missions and the high speed berms of 2014. I am even odd in the way that I even still enjoy the old school woodwork on the 1990’s. Bring back the skinny !
During the hours that I can only dream about riding, I work as a Programme Manager for the West Coast Wave Initiative at the University of Victoria. I am responsible for managing an ~ 25 person team investigating the feasibility of a future wave energy industry in British Columbia. I am fortunate enough to be able to squeak out for rides over extended lunch breaks and after work.
My goal for the season is simply to have as much fun on my bikes as possible. Additionally, I aspire to win more #1 cookies for standing on the top step of the local Enduro series and secure the Guiness Book of World Records longest straight skid title. Finally, I would hope that I manage to get completely lost in the woods while looking for new trails at least once this season.