Austin Ling

Name: Austin Ling

Age: 32

Home Town: Orleans, Ontario, Canada
Years Riding: 8
Disciplines: DH (8yrs), XC (4yrs)
Favorite Trails: A-Line, Original Sin, Wizard Burial Ground, Kashmir.
Being from Ottawa Ontario I grew up spending many summers at our family cottage just north of Ottawa in the Ladysmith, Quebec. Being exposed to the great outdoors from a very young age has left me with a fondness for nature and the outdoors that has carried over to my adult life. My younger brothers moved to Whistler for the 2005/06 winter season and after a week long visit to see them I was hooked. I moved to Whistler the following winter (Dec 2006), got a job with Whistler Blackcomb (free pass and lots of time to ski!!) and by the end of that season had logged 105 days of skiing.
I was so blown away by Whistler during winter that I felt I needed to see what summer had to offer. With summer came bikes the likes I had never seen before. Hydraulic disc brakes! full 8″ suspension! and trails that I couldn’t have dreamed up! From my first lap ever down Crank It Up and eventually Schleyer and Crabapple Hits I was hooked. This was going to be my new home. I progressed riding with friends and taking the inevitable bumps and bruises that come with learning how to ride DH. I would ride the WBP (Whistler Bike Park) every chance I got, started racing the local Phat Wednesday races in the WBP, and I got a taste for XC riding in the weekly Toonie Rides every Thursday. The Toonie Rides opened my eyes to the vast network of XC bike trails up and down the Whistler valley, and what a network it is! After 4 years of riding XC I have still only scratched the surface of trail riding here. There are so many! Raced the Fox Air DH during Crankworx placing 2nd (2013) and 3rd (2014) in the masters category. Probably the most fun and the most scared I’ve been on a bike. It was quite the experience.
In the Spring of 2014 I participated in the PMBI (Professional Mountain Bike Instructor) course to take on a new roll as a Mountain Bike Guide for Arbutus Routes and improve my own abilities. The course gave a me a better understanding of the techniques used to ride different types of terrain safely as well as teach these techniques to others. Applying these techniques to my own riding has allowed me to feel more comfortable and have fun on technical terrain and flow/jump trails. My goal this year is to explore more of the local XC trails in Whistler as well as Squamish and Pemberton.
Whistler reminds me of playing outdoors at my cottage. A mountain of trails at your doorstep, the largest lift access bike park in the world, and an awesome community of bike enthusiasts give this place a very unique feel and vibe.

PMBI Level 1 Bike Coach
AST Level 1